Evening light is a magical thing for photographers. And beaches are an equally magical thing for prairie girls such as myself who get to see them all too rarely.  So, now that the busy-ness of summer is over, I took advantage of one of our quiet weekend evenings to make a trip out to Toronto Island to play with my toys on the shores of Lake Ontario, and bury my toes in the sand.

Due to the extremely wonderful laziness of the day, we got to the Island slightly later than I had originally planned, so my location-scouting was a bit limited.  I had hoped to wander both the southern and western beaches in search of inspiration, but the sun's position above the horizon made me re-think my slightly grandiose plans.  Luckily, we were able to find a nice little patch of sand on the western shore of the island just in time to take advantage of that wonderful golden light.

For an unplanned, spur-of-the-moment shoot, it was quite the adventure.  I soaked my pants, got covered in sand, and nearly drowned all my toys (both Jane and Winslow along with his whole pack of monsters) when a rogue wave attacked.  I had to figure out my set-ups on the fly: a lack of prep time meant I was racing the light... and sunset is always too fleeting.  Perhaps it would have been a bit simpler if I had chosen to shoot either Winslow or Jane ... but the scene was just too perfect, I couldn't resist snapping images of them both.  Despite all the challenges, I did get some pretty awesome shots for each series (and a bunch of ideas on how to do it even better next time!)

This first series is of Jane.  I have a stack of photos of Winslow and his monsters that require my attention, but these few images of Jane turned out nearly exactly as I'd hoped and I hardly needed to do any processing at all to polish them up - a photographer's dream.  

The golden glow of the setting sun, the glittery bokeh of the sand ... it's perfectly whimsical.  These images just make me all warm and cozy - I can almost feel the sun.  I imagine I might need a bit of that feeling as autumn settles in.