Ok, it's the middle of February now, and I'm officially tired of winter.  Now, in all fairness, there were puddles to navigate on the sidewalks on my walk home from work this evening, so I can't in good conscience complain about the cold - I'm pretty sure I would be denied my proud prairie heritage for such blasphemy - but frigid or not, I've just never been a big fan of this season.  I could cite creative excuses:  as a nature photographer living in the big city, it's significantly more difficult to find inspiring subject matter when everything that is not paved in concrete is hibernating under a brown slushy blanket of snow, ice and road salt.  Really though, I'm just a girl who prefers sandals and sunshine to boots and blizzards (despite my awesome collection of colourful scarves.)

Perhaps it was the puddles that teased my mind with thoughts of spring, but when I was looking for photos to edit this evening, my eye was immediately drawn to these spring beauties.  I must have spent hours underneath this particular tree for the one glorious week that it was in bloom.  I can remember getting the most magnificent crick in my neck from staring up at the overwhelming explosion of blossoms.  Is it too early to start a countdown for the cherry blossoms in High Park?