The wonderful magical thing about working a normal, big-kid 9-5 job is that weekends can become this delicious expanse of free time!  Of course, one must be careful that they do not become too quickly filled with mundane chores or endless errands, but if the annoying responsibilities of adult life can be kept at bay, weekends can be a great time to get some art done.

It was a Saturday afternoon, and sun was pouring in through the kitchen window.  A perfect opportunity to take another shot at my little Lego mountain biking scene.  This time, I grabbed the halogen light from our deck for a stronger, brighter light source, and used a mirror to reflect some light back into the shadows on the scene.


This lovely little cobbled-together set-up is starting to give me a pretty good idea of what I'll need for a proper studio:  a healthy supply of clamps, and some powerful, bendable, direct-able lights are high on the list right now.  But again, the important thing is doing the work, and this make-shift studio got me the shots I was looking for.

Perhaps because I'm a sucker for punishment, or perhaps just tenacious, I gave my original idea one last shot ... and there might be a chance that I can get it to a point where I am satisfied with it.  But that's a topic for another post.  For now, here are some of my favourite shots.  :)

LEGO 01.jpg
LEGO 02.jpg
LEGO 03.jpg
LEGO 04.jpg
LEGO 05.jpg
LEGO 06.jpg
LEGO 07.jpg