We've been pretty terrible tourists since moving to Toronto, and there are still so many great places around our new home that we have yet to explore.  However, we have managed a few outings, and sometimes I even remembered to bring my camera along on these excursions.

So far, we've gone out exploring in High Park, Ashbridges Bay, and Toronto Island.  And I've seen a bit of Ontario outside of Toronto as well, thanks to a summer camping trip with the parents to Longpoint Provincial Park and an autumn work retreat to Muskoka.  

What I've seen has made me excited to see more.  This year we're planning an adventure out to Niagara Falls, and hopefully some weekend roadtrips to wineries can be snuck in as well.  Locally, I'm certainly keen to head back to the Island and High Park (and the zoo, of course!) just as soon as the weather warms, and I'm sure there are plenty of other great places that I should be turning my lens as well.  Feel free to let me know your favourite spots in the comments!