There is the most lovely and fantastic white picket fence on George Street, in Fredericton, NB.  When we lived there I would plan my daily walks to work to be sure I passed it.  My route was very meander-y and dependent many factors both real and imagined, but it almost always took me past that fence.  

It was a perfectly maintained fence, with a lovely arched top, pristine paint (almost always) and a complete abundance of vines twisting about it, a perfect subject for for a trigger-happy photographer such as myself.

Fredericton's streets got me completely fascinated with the interplay between architecture and nature, which is really just a fancy way of saying I realized how much I loved how nature seemed to overflow all of the fences in town.  Perhaps it's a bit of east coast nostalgia, but the gardens in our neighbourhood were quite inspiring:  not perfectly manicured and pristine, but alive and vibrant.  

I'm hoping to find some similarly inspiring neighbourhoods in Toronto this spring - all of this editing is making my shutter finger rather itchy!