Tree bark is a surprisingly beautiful thing.  In fact, I've found that so many small and insignificant things that we rush past on a daily basis can be lovely and inspiring if we only take the time to appreciate them.  I'm certainly guilty of busy-ness as much as the next person, but I'm never disappointed when I spend an extra moment just *looking* at something.  Tendrils of torn bark become lyrical, knotholes add character, and moss can be downright magical.

It's for this reason that I carry my camera with me as often as I can:  to capture those random moments of overlooked beauty; to show you what you might have missed while you were hurrying to the next appointment or item on your to-do list; to remind me that taking the time to take a second glance is worth being 30 seconds later arriving at work.

Here are a few of the details that have caught my eye while wandering amongst the trees.

bark 01.jpg
bark 02.jpg
bark 03.jpg
bark 04.jpg
bark 06.jpg
bark 07.jpg
bark 05.jpg
bark 08.jpg