Since spring seems determined to test my patience this year, I'm still forced to get my dose of colour from my stash of un-edited images from seasons past.  Happily, there's a still some lovely colour in there to brighten my day!  

There's not much of a theme to today's 'collection' of images.  They range from autumn to summer to spring; from cool rainy light to vibrant golden twilight to dramatic dazzling summer sun; from orange and yellow to purple and pink.  I simply felt the need to look at some flowers.  (I do have a few decent images from winter as well, but those will have to wait until I'm feeling a bit warmer and less hostile towards that season.)

I'm really enjoying the process of updating my portfolio and catching up on previously un-edited images.  Not only does it feel *amazing* to finally get the images edited and posted, but it's been a learning experience:  what subjects and compositions I am continually drawn to, previously un-noticed themes, where my technique could use improvement, and one-off shots that could use further exploration.  

At this rate, I'll be completely through my editing backlog by the time proper green starts sprouting here again.  I suppose that's a good thing for my portfolio, but I sure do miss my flip-flops.