Jane was my very first foray into toy photography; the product of one of an independent study project in my final year of study at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design.  She began as a McDonald's happy meal toy - Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz.  I re-threaded her hair and gave her some new clothes and started taking her with me every time I went out searching for photos.  

I've never been entirely sure what the 'meaning' of this series was.  When I initially shot the images, I had the idea of exploring issues of innocence and maturity - in particular how I never quite feel mature enough to participate in the adult world that I face on a daily basis.  (This is why her costume is slightly more mature than you would expect from that baby-doll face.)  I experimented with a variety of different scenes and ideas, often attempting to add some  seriousness or make some sort of 'statement' with the series, the sort of thing that you're supposed to do in a school project.  

But, looking back on the series, the images that I most enjoy most are simply bright and colourful portraits, often quiet and pensive, just a girl exploring her world.  All meaning and seriousness aside, she's an adorable little model, and I just have a lot of fun using her as the subject in photos. 

Finally getting around to curating and editing this series has gotten me inspired to take Jane out with my camera again.  Now that I've properly discovered the wonder and simple joy that is toy photography, I can be free to take pretty photos of my little doll without worrying about any deeper meaning or statement.

And that's exciting!