I think that spring is turning into one of my favourite seasons.  I have always been a summer girl:  flip flops and sunglasses, beaches and adventures, hot sun and clear blue skies ... summer is never long enough for me.  But from a creative standpoint, there is something so incredibly inspiring about spring.  Fresh new leaves bursting forth, blossoms everywhere, the world finally warming up after a particularly long and cold winter.

One of my first photo walks this spring was out to High Park to capture the sakura.  Last year we stumbled upon the end of the sakura season, and I was keen to see the blossoms in full force this year.  Turns out I was a little bit too excited though, and I ended up wandering the park before most of the cherry blossoms had opened.

Luckily there was plenty of other subject matter to keep my shutter clicking:  bright young leaves, colourful blooms, and some truly stunning magnolia.  I can't recall ever seeing magnolia trees before moving to Toronto, but they are quickly becoming one of my favourite subjects.  Dramatic and a little bit exotic, there's something very intriguing about these flowers.

I'm so glad to see some green and colour in the world again, and I can't wait to take my camera out for another long walk in the sunshine!