As I find myself saying so frequently, life has been busy.  Our summer has been full of all sorts of great activities.  We've been on adventures to Niagara Falls and to Montreal, and we've done all sorts of nerdy and wonderful things with friends. It's also been my first summer working full time at my 9-5 big kid job, so it's been a challenge finding a balance between social activities and art on those all-too-infrequent weekends.  As summer winds down, work is finding its own way to keep me busy and out of trouble.

Art is one of the ways that I stay sane when things get busy.  So now seems like a perfect time to catch up on a little bit of editing.

We recently went to visit my family out in Manitoba.  As soon as we arrived at my parents' place, I was struck by the glorious flowers planted at the side of the house:  

bright yellow blooms overflowing onto a pebbled path covered in moss.  Precisely the type of scene that makes my shutter finger itchy.  It took til our final day in town for me to sneak some time to play in the garden, but I'm so glad that I did!

The garden was lovely on its own, but something about the whimsy of the scene made me think it would be an awesome setting for my little doll.  Luckily, Jane usually travels with me in my camera bag for just such chance occasions.  I just love the colour in this series - the yellow flowers are a perfect contrast to Jane's blue outfit.  It was certainly hard to select my favourites from this series ... I think they turned out pretty great!

And finally ... I took a few snaps of Jane on our previous adventure to Niagara Falls.  These are more of a concept sketch than a final product (as most of my attentions were focussed on Winslow and his monsters that day), but I definitely think there's potential here.

Editing these photos has completely inspired me, and I'm looking forward to an adventure out to Toronto Island this afternoon with my toys to shoot some more!