I’m getting to that point once again where I have a growing stack of negatives sitting in my ‘to edit’ pile … but for some reason I can’t seem to properly narrow down the bajillion mountain photos that I shot over Christmas.  (It’s likely that this prairie girl is still in “omg, mountains!” mode and just can’t be objective about which images are actually worth editing yet.)

So, I'm leaving my mountain images to settle for a while longer and working instead on a couple of fun series shot last month.   When I was transferring the images from my camera onto my computer, it was almost hard to believe that both series were shot within days of each other. 

January was a month of varied explorations.  I had the opportunity to wander the worn streets of a far-off tropical town, and the snow-covered paths of an Ontario wonder.  I'll admit, the tropical explorations were a fair bit more pleasant (I'm a girl who really loves her flip flops), but it was impossible not to be awed by the sight of the 'frozen' Falls.

the frozen Niagara

Let's start with the Niagara Falls images.  Sure, chronologically, they were shot after the tropical images, but I'd much rather end on a warm note.  

We ended up making a spontaneous road trip to Niagara in late January to show a visiting friend the majestic Falls.  Having previously only explored the Falls in the warmth of spring, seeing them surrounded by ice and snow was quite incredible.  

This is one of those occasions when I wished briefly for a longer lens:  there were some beautiful icicles draping the rocks near the Falls, but my 50mm just couldn't get close enough to fully capture the awesomeness.  If we go back another time I might just bring my zoom lens, but my favourite little lens still got some pretty good shots on this adventure. 


I don't have nearly as many images from Belize as I would have liked.  One of the downsides to cruise vacations is all-too-limited time in the lovely and exotic locales that we visit.  I could have wandered those streets for hours, but a brief excursion to a local restaurant for lunch provided a delightful glimpse into the port town, and a much needed dose of colour and tropical greenery.

Looking at those tropical photos, it's hard to believe I was seeing such lush greenery and vibrant colour just last month!  As we struggle through a particularly cold spell in late February, it feels like it happened a lifetime ago ... But it's a lovely memory nonetheless.  Additionally, after being distracted by crafting for a while now, it has been a great change of pace to get back to photo editing and add a few new images to my portfolio.