Mum came to visit for a weekend earlier this month.  One of the things on her 'must do' list was a bit of practicing with her 'new' dSLR.  Since spring was just starting to sprout in the city, I thought it was an excellent opportunity to take a photowalk through High Park.

As it turns out, our timing was quite nice.  It was too early for most of the leaves, and I'm still counting down the sleeps until sakura season, but we found a green grassy hillside covered in tiny white flowers - a pretty great scene for practicing.  I showed Mum my favourite setting on the camera (AV mode for a wide open aperture) and we both set off to do some shutter-bugging, while Paddy caught up on his comic reading.

This outing was definitely a 'training run' for me.  The subject matter was completely inspiring, but because I had my Mum (and my ever-patient hubby) along, I didn't want to fully lapse into OCD-photographer mode and spend hours working out the perfect angle and fiddling with the placement of my toys.  And since it's my first trip out with the camera since, oh ... January? ... well, it likely would have taken me hours to fully get back into my groove.

I'm not sure any of these photos will make it into my final portfolio.  I wouldn't consider any of them necessarily spectacular.  But, after a long winter of crafting and knitting, my photography muscles needed a little bit of stretching.  And, to keep up with my 'new year's' resolutions, it's worth the exercise to edit and share them here.