Sakura season is a big event in Toronto, and for good reason.  It's an absolutely magnificent way to start the spring:  before the leaves have fully sprouted, the city explodes in blossoms in all shades of pink and creamy white.  Gorgeous.  Because it's so widely known and celebrated though, it's often hard for the intrepid photographer to get any good snaps in the midst of all the selfies and awed onlookers. 

This year, I was doubly lucky and managed to sneak in two good photo shoots while the blossoms were in full bloom; one on the way home from work in the early twilight, and then a second on a bright sunny weekend afternoon.  In both cases, I found a couple of smaller trees that seemed to be mostly ignored by the excited crowds, and managed to get some pretty great unobstructed shots.  Turns out the smaller trees, while slightly less impressive, have a lot more blossoms at a quite reasonable shooting height.  I've got some shots of just the blossoms as well, but I'm most excited about this series with Jane, so I thought I'd share them first.

I haven't done a lot of toy photography yet this year, so I'm still finding my feet, and re-discovering what I want to express with this series.  In particular, I've been trying to move beyond simple portraiture and think more about using Jane to help tell a story.  I mean, she's cute and all, but there has to be more to the images than just pretty. At some point, or it's just boring.  When your model has only 5 joints, it can be quite the challenge getting her into a relaxed and expressive pose, but I like the results so far, and I'm already planning our next outing!