One of the things I've been noticing about myself this spring is that every flower that is currently blooming ends up being my 'new favourite flower'.  I was completely in love with the sakura and magnolias when they exploded onto the branches, and just the other day I came upon a bush of nearly-blooming lilacs that completely captured my heart.  I don't know if this makes me a fickle photographer, or just a girl who is entirely too giddy to be out amongst the colour and life of the world once again.  In any case, this girl's love for spring flowers is only growing.

We came across this lilac bush in a park on our walk home from work one day.  Actually, I think I smelled the bush before I even saw it - the scent of the lilacs was just intoxicating.  Luckily, my camera was in my bag (it's so much easier to tuck this little Fuji into my bag than it was my dSLR!) so I was able to spend a few minutes capturing the blooms.

I'm still finding my way around my new camera, so these shots were largely experimental: more of a study than anything else.  I don't recall using the 'macro' mode on my dSLR much, but these lilacs were just begging for a close-up, and macro mode is just a button tap away on my Fuji.  (For some reason, the way this camera is designed just makes so much sense to me.  I'm loving it, and I'm messing around with settings a whole lot more than I used to!)  The first thing I noticed was that, while macro mode is awesome ... the slightest breeze can be quite the annoyance when trying to get up close and focussed.  It took a fair bit of fiddling to find that sweet spot where I had enough depth of field to keep some of the lilacs in sharp focus, but a snappy enough shutter speed to freeze the lilacs if the breeze decided to run about and be difficult.  Because it was tending towards evening by this time, I had the benefit of lovely evening light... and the challenge of lower light levels (and thus longer shutter speeds) when shooting in the shade.  All of this meant I shot a lot more images than I kept. 

Challenges aside, I'm really happy with this little series of images.  The colour is just happy-making, and the shapes of the blossoming buds and the new petals still unfolding reminds me slightly of damask prints, and I'm really enjoying the fanciness of that.  I've walked past lilacs in full bloom a few times since then, and I have to say, they don't look nearly so interesting as this bush with all of its variety - my timing was pretty perfect here.  

I suppose that's part of the magic of spring:  all the colour and blossoming is so vibrant, but so fleeting.  It makes me quite glad to have a few more colourful snaps to warm me up the next time the weather gets cold and the world gets white.